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Arteixo council is located in the western-most part of the Artabro Gulf in the province of A Coruña.  The rías (inlets) of Ferrol, Ares, Betanzos and A Coruña are located in this area which was inhabited by the Artabrans.

Arteixo is right beside the city of A Coruña and is therefore a gateway to the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death), whose impressive nature is one of Galicia's best-kept secrets.

Our borough is one of the through-ways to reach Caión, sharing the road along which thousands of pilgrims journey to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Os Milagros in Caión.

To get to Arteixo from A Coruña you can choose between the road to Carballo AC-552, or the AC-415 which passes through Pastoriza and Meicende.

You can also take the modern motorway (with toll) which has an exit in the borough. Arteixo also has access from Culleredo and A Laracha boroughs along roads with less traffic from which the daily life and rural areas of Arteixo can be appreciated.

Arteixo has a rich and varied landscape which combines inland areas with a generous coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal holiday destination with its offer of splendid beaches, beauty spots and leisure activities.


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