Nov 12

Caion Route

Length: 11 km. 
Estimated time: 2 hours
Difficulty : medium-low
Type of route: linear
Boroughs through which it passes: Arteixo and A Laracha
Starting point: Arteixo riverwalk


The most important day during the celebration of the Pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Miracles of Caión is on 8th September. The Virgin is traditionally honoured from the Sunday before the 8th, when the image is carried up to the chapel, until the Sunday after the 8th, when the image is taken back to the parish church of Santa María of Caión.
During this week thousands of pilgrims tread the paths that lead to the Virgin's Sanctuary.

In order to do the walk from Arteixo to Caión, an old footpath which used to be part of one of the main roads between A Coruña and Caión was restored. Proof of the path's history can be found in an entry in 1845 in the Geographical-Statistical-Historical Dictionary of Spain and its Overseas possessions, by Pascual Madoz.

Apart from recovering a part of history, this route also offers the opportunity to admire the natural and cultural heritage of our borough, and even more importantly, it offers greater safety to pilgrims.



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